In order to ensure quality, study programmes are reviewed regularly. In higher education, this is carried out by independent, external accreditation agencies. Only those institutions which have passed the accreditation process successfully receive a certificate, and this represents an important guarantee of quality.

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) in International Tourism Management

Upon successful completion of your study programme, your Master of Business Administration in International Tourism Management  will be conferred by the Nürtingen / Geislingen University of Applied Sciences HfWU.

HfWU’s degrees are accredited by the German AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programmes) according to the guidelines of the Conference of Ministers of Education in accordance with the Bologna process for the approximation of European standards.


Individual feedback discussions take place between students, lecturers and the management of the academy on a regular basis.

In addition, several aspects of each course/module are evaluated by students  (structure of the course, teaching and learning methods, etc.) by means of an anonymous questionnaire which is also reviewed with the lecturers. Student feedback is important for quality assurance at ASCENSO Academy.   

Nürtingen/Geislingen University of Applied Sciences HfWU also conducts regular evaluation of the courses.


Each study group selects a spokesperson. All student representatives meet regularly with the management of the academy to discuss key issues. These meetings give the opportunity for any student to ask questions and contribute ideas. In addition, management have an open-door policy for any issues that may arise throughout the course.

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