Tuition Fees

This postgraduate course is a sensible investment in your future

Lifelong learning is helpful and necessary in almost all sectors. This postgraduate course is therefore a sensible investment in your future. Unlike state universities, the ASCENSO Academy does not receive public funding, but is financed by tuition fees. However, studying at the ASCENSO Academy is by no means only accessible to a privileged circle. Thanks to a variety of financing options, everyone can afford to study at the ASCENSO Academy. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Fee schedule

The tuition fees for the postgraduate course “Online Marketing & Community Management” amount to a total of 4,450 euros and are made up as follows

  • after registration EUR 450
  • two instalments of EUR 2,000 each in the 1st and 3rd month of your studies

Included in the tuition fees:

  • Admission to studies
  • Participation in courses
  • Study and teaching materials
  • Participation in the final examination